Our loins are aching…


for this hot piece of Bijan ass!

so flexible!

Bijan, aka Sex on a Stick, has obviously been practicing his Bennnnd and SNAP! in preparation to swoon the ladies and gentlemen of UBC beginning January 18. The above pornography ballet performance was leaked and we can’t help wondering what fun he likes to have NOT in clothes? For this, Bijan is our Total Dreamboat of the hour or so. ❤

so bendy!

One Response to “Our loins are aching…”

  1. I would almost say that Bijan just about crests dreamship status, if not nearing dreamoiltanker status in his artistically wild performance here. If it’s not too late, perhaps AMS council can create a tie-breaking mechanism called, ummm, you know, that scene from Zoolander, oh ya: DANCE OFF.

    David Bowie is invited.

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