• Friday, March 12: Jokers of the Scene w/ Longwalkshortdock coming to the Pit Pub!

  • Monday, March 15: Poetry Slam, 6-10pm
  • Tuesday, March 16: ?? at the Chan Centre Telus Theatre!
  • Wednesday, March 17: Free St. Patty’s Day Pancake Breakfast outside MASS
  • Wednesday, March 17: St. Patty’s Day Party at the Museum of Anthropology!
  • Thursday, March 18: All Ages Dance ??
  • Friday, March 19: Election Results night!
All events have free admission if you vote!

5 Responses to “Events”

  1. 1 adminzies

    quiz night is cancelled sorry 😦

  2. 2 adminzies

    another update: hackfest is in partyroom, not ballroom!

  3. 3 taylorloren

    quiz night is back on!!!!!

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