What is VFM?

VFM stands for Voter Funded Media and is a way for voters to support independent media sources which provide interesting and/or informative coverage. Students vote on the distribution of a set fund among several media outlets, assigning different rewards (either a percentage or a dollar amount) to different contributors. FAQ is here.

This year there are two VFM competitions:
1. A continuous competition for $50/day (vote here)
2. A one-time competition for some part of $8,000 (voting Jan. 25-29)

More information on both can be found here.

Our current goal is to raise the $150 necessary to enter the one-time contest. (update: we’ve entered!) If you like the (filthy, scandalous, entertaining) content we’re providing and think we deserve some beer money/compensation for long, thankless hours charting the ins & outs of the AMS, we hope you’ll consider us.

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