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Thanks to a cute little birdie and his tweet, we’ve stumbled upon some EPIC FORESHADOWING. This post was written back when the Executive was a little sexier and included this resolution for 2010 2008: At EAT CAKE, we– and by we I mean I, but we sounds so much cooler– solemnly resolve to never stop making fun of […]

Before Council completely overshadows the outdated UN Debacle with its scintillating debate of whether or not to reallocate $1,000 for slam poetry at the Student Leadership Conference, we thought we’d show some love. MAN OF THE HOUR #1: Edward Pullman, UVSS Director of Finance Although some may question our commitment to the democratic process for […]

Fuck the other referenda.  Glorious Impeachment cannot be stopped! Yesterday, the (really, really) ridiculously good looking Taylor Matt Naylor was passing around a petition for impeachment. How is this possible, you ask? You mean we might not be stuck with have Mr. Blake Frederick and his sidekick Timkachu representing us due to a legal blip? […]

To combat the brain drain that occurs over winter break, here’s a quick recap of what’s affecting elections this term: namely, the United Nations Tuition Debacle. I’m sorry,  let me repeat that: the UN DEBACLE!!!! Quick summary: is tuition a human rights issue worthy of the UN?  Blake & Tim and their legal counsel think […]