Dress-up time with Bijan


edit: of course the freaking Insiders post something about this on the same night I’m posting something. Arghhhhh. I have to go call the waaaaaambulance for myself.

Nestled deeply within the AMS Executive Committee meeting minutes of April 28 lies this gem:

Executive Wardrobes
• Bijan: Executives often have to attend external meetings and it’s important for them to look good. Perhaps there can be money set aside from the Lobbying Fund for buying clothes for the Executive.
• General feeling was that this was not necessary; people can buy their own clothes.

It’s actually at the top of page 3 of 4, so it’s not really nestled. The rumor of this has been floating around for ages, but GG had to wait until the official minutes came out, because he only reports on official news (then waits almost a week to actually post something).

C’mon Bijan… you got your fancy pink $5000 office, which didn’t even include the cost of paint, and now you’re asking for  a clothing budget? That just won’t fly.

But… what if it did? Hmm…

That plunging neckline… the high slit up the legs. Daring, and oh so hawt.

hawtest shit this side of Milan

A contemporary look inspired by one of the greats from the past.

the "mike duncan"

The only way to describe this is… Fisherman Gaga.

look at the Alexander McQueen shoes. fucking look at 'em. they cost as much as his new office!

King of the jungle, king of the AMS. Only fitting we end with this…

pedobear approves. S&M horse and scat rat do not

and hell… let’s just throw in this video for fun. Go watch Bijan dance now. XOXO…

7 Responses to “Dress-up time with Bijan”

  1. 1 taylorloren

    oh. my. god. you are the photoshop MASTER.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. this made my day.

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  4. your blog is good.please visit my blog.thanks.

  5. 5 Hillson

    More old man blazers? Oh noes!

  6. 6 Speedy

    yo did you ever hear about Bijan’s “iPAD budget”?

    he wanted each exec to get $1000 in their budget for them to spend on some sort of “technology” that would help them with their job.

    then they got to keep it at the end of their term.

    i want his job.

  7. Very nice post, thanks for interesting informations!

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