We’re invigorating the saucy side of the AMS and exposing the down & dirty of UBC politics.  Why?  Because politics isn’t all meetings & policy—it’s fun. We entered a contest also known as VFM, blogged our little hearts out, and are now considered “credible.”

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The femmes fatale behind Confidential?

Kai and Taylor.

Kai hails from Portland, Oregon, where she was raised by a pack of wild engineers.  Upon her admission to UBC’s faculty of Arts and consequential removal from the family register, she began what is to this date an uninterrupted output of snark and inconsequential bellowing.  Kai’s hobbies including bearbaiting, unsolicited karaoke, the consumption of controlled substances, making weird outfits, and social media. When Kai grows up, she wants to be taller. Although a founding editor of and current contributor to the Confidential, Kai currently serves as copy editor of The Ubyssey, UBC’s official student newspaper.

Taylor got dumped, and Taylor started tweeting. In short, she is a hot nerd of the social media variety who grew up addicted to Perez Hilton. Formerly known for her outlandish summer adventures single in the twittersphere, she is a bubbly twentysomething who isn’t afraid to admit she loves Miley and Justin Bieber. She enjoys being the little spoon- be this with a hack or with a normal human being. When she isn’t making out with investigating UBC politicos, she enjoys attempting to get bendy in yoga, and loves capitalism.

and this guy…

Gossip Guy.

Some describe him as a suave, hyper masculine über man. Some might call him a kind of feral back alley gutter creature. All depends who you talk to. He had a blog back in the day, then disappeared for a little while. Now he’s back, fuelled by his passion for mudslinging and stirring shit up. When not glued to his computer, he likes to stare at the guitar he owns but cannot play, drink to excess on weekdays, and learn the teachings of Reverend Tyler Durden. I also heard he once killed a bear with only his hands, just to prove a point. In a rare moment of emotion, a single tear of sorrow fell from his right eye after this incident.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Kim Kiloh

    Hi Kai & Taylor –

    We are starting up a “Student Editorial Team” – which will pull together bloggers and editors from across UBC. The team will be meeting with VPs Brian Sullivan and Pierre Ouillet to talk about relevant issues.

    It would be good to have one of you involved. Email me if you’re interested and I’ll send you some more info.


  2. 2 Johnny D

    hey Kim,

    Wouldn’t mind to be part of the stud. ed. team in case yr still looking for peeps. Or be one of the bloggers, (not that I have a blog right now, But I was in the making of one, and figured this could be a decent incentive to keep it going )

    By all means let me know,



  3. I enjoy being the big spoon.

  4. 4 taylorloren

    me too, Elias, me too…

  5. Great write up, bookmarked the blog for interest to read more thank ypou

  6. Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work!

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