Campaigning is set to start on January 18, in which there will be a smorgasboard of Facebook groups and websites…and how are you supposed to keep track of them all? Simple. We’re using our lack of sex fierce single status to give you it all nice and easy. If you’d rather it rough, just leave a comment or vote for us.

Impeach the AMS President & VP External
The legendary group that is sure to get busy once the sexy referenda gets underway

We oppose the AMS impeachment of Blake Frederick and Tim Chu
The other side of the previous group.

UVSS, don’t embarrass us, Oppose supporting the UBC AMS UN Complaint!
The Island love for the Mainland Clusterfuck.

AMS Elections 2010
We’re not sure what exactly this group is for.

AMS Elections Updates
In which Spectator and Social Capital team up to bring you some form of VFM RSS? Not that you need it, you have our sparkly unicorns and pink font accents.

One Response to “Links”

  1. 1 Trevor R

    Taylor, might be time to update the links, no?

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