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We made a lot of fuss about losing Block Party, but the merest rumours we’re hearing seem to indicate that Events Man Shea Dahl is on the ball for Welcome Back BBQ (free, Friday, Sept. 10, 2-8pm).  The Totally Baseless Suggestion is that Celebrity DJ/Benihana Founder Offspring STEVE AOKI will be playing the Pit on/around […]

Hope you all had a fantastic Canada Day, and for our dear American friends, a festive Fourth of July as well. Something else happened on Canada Day, which is a little something we like to call the Hella Sexy Tax, or HST. Since this now applies to some things that it didn’t before, such as […]

Unfortunately, you probably won’t get a chance to remember the next one. We’re taking our gossip rag and running with it, as this has yet to be confirmed by any of the AMS Exec. But we have eyes, and suck at math. Update: Elin Tayyar says “block party is not dead” via Facebook chat. Stay […]