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edit: of course the freaking Insiders post something about this on the same night I’m posting something. Arghhhhh. I have to go call the waaaaaambulance for myself. Nestled deeply within the AMS Executive Committee meeting minutes of April 28 lies this gem: Executive Wardrobes • Bijan: Executives often have to attend external meetings and it’s […]

Holy shit! After a news dry spell so long we had to start reviewing a Sauder mascot competition, UBC and the Province decided to announce everything on one day. Thank you, board meeting and day-before-the-Premier’s-campaign-fundraiser. Here’s a simple take on what’s going on (with files from Neal Yonson). Oh, and the Ubyssey debuted a new article […]

In a flurry of activity on Twitter, BC Premier Gordon Campbell announced that all Metro Vancouver post-secondary students (except those private school kids at TWU!) will be eligible for a U-Pass, eliminating excuses for students to drive drunk!!! Oh, wait. The new universal Unicorn U-Pass will cost $30/month, with students outside of Metro Vancouver paying less. […]