like baby, baby, baby noooo


Update: Srsly, dudes. We even gots the MEMO: The Pit Pub Is Fucked
Somehow in the midst of last night’s council festivities, news happened right underneath our noses… literally. The loss to campus drinking culture is irreparable. Ladies and gentlemen, the War on Fun is for real: UBC has pulled the Pit Pub’s license.
let’s repeat that, without sparkles:
Seriously. The RCMP entered last night & confiscated several underage IDs, both inside and outside the bar.  Service was cut off early last night, and this morning sources told us that there will be no further service until the AMS & the University iron this out.
What else do we know?
1. Licenses are being pulled as part of a joint effort between the university & campus RCMP to crack down on underage drinking.
2. Sources say the RCMP were tipped off as to the entry of underage drinkers by a bouncer working the back door. So… the RCMP are fans of back-door entry? [rimshot]
3. And, not that we totally believe this from the drunk girls, but the RCMP were wearing special ‘liquor law enforcement unit’ vests?? WE SO HOPE THIS IS TRUE. Fashion-forward thinking, guys.

you look underage. i can tell from your elaborate unicorn dress, and from seeing quite a few underagers in my time.

Another Update: Apparently on April 1st, people like spread shit. We’re happy you liked it 😉

11 Responses to “like baby, baby, baby noooo”

  1. 1 Goldman

    Wouldn’t see this shit at the Gallery, thank God.

  2. 2 istarbel

    i don’t know after the closing of both koerners and the pit I’d expected in a way.

  3. 3 Goldman

    So glad to see that the University and the RCMP are pushing forward with a Puritan liquor policy. Keep pushing booze to the fringes of campus society and all you’re going to get is unmonitored, uncontrolled dorm room drinking.

    More secrecy = more potential for damage to students and property.

    Also, what bouncer would tip off the cops? If the Pit’s liquor license remains suspended, that individual likely tattled away his job. And what does this portend for Block Party? As if it wasn’t lame enough already, imagine a dry Block Party. There is not enough weed in the world to make that enjoyable.

  4. 4 .mdf/g

    happy april fools

  5. 5 Goldman

    Damn it. Curse you Confidential.

  6. 6 istarbel


  7. 7 Kyrstin

    For about two seconds I went: “Holy shit how did I miss this happening, I was THERE last night/I can’t believe after the false tip that it actually ended up happening” and then I realized that I forgot it was April 1st since I’ve been hiding in my room all day trying to make the world stop spinning.

    Good article, guys.

  8. 8 Oker

    Yeah this is a great prank precisely because shit like this happens.

  9. 9 Hillson

    Well played Confidential…well played

  10. Good post!

  1. 1 #108: Happy April Fools!

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