aus throwdown/showdown


Gossip Guy here. Happy to see me? I know you are. I can practically see the smile on your face from wherever I’m currently sitting/stumbling.

Well, fellow Artsies… we have a lot of tough choices this year. We’ll have to pick Yes or No in four different races, one involving a Star Wars character (WIN). Three guys going for President, and two ladies and purple lightsaber-wielding Sammy J for VPX. Then a bunch of General Officers and AMS reps. But c’mon… let’s focus on what’s really important here (Not that they aren’t all important. Just some things take priority, k?). So yes… EL PRESIDENTE. How are we going to decide who to support this year? We’ll leave it to…

the crudely rendered semi-androgynous pink and black gambling addicted elections mascot

I now realize I spent all my bloody time making that stupid graphic, and didn’t write anything of substance. Make sure you read the contest at the end of the post, and actually enter, so I don’t end up crying alone tonight because I wasted so much time. [Kai sez: welcome to the Confidential Editorial board, GG. You’ll get used to it.]

We’ll do some in-depth analyses in the coming days – and be assured, we WILL penetrate into the inner recesses, unlike the EUS elections, which we know nothing about. Full candidate list and some useless links after the jump y’all. AND THE CONTEST.


Vice-President Internal

Vice-President External

Vice-President Administration

Vice-President Finance

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Yes/No)

Vice-President Academic

General Officer (Elect Two)

AMS Representative (Elect Five)

Arts Senator

CONTEST: Leave a comment on what you think the name should be for the “the crudely rendered semi-androgynous pink and black gambling addicted elections mascot.”

7 Responses to “aus throwdown/showdown”

  1. That graphic literally caused my computer to have a stroke and crash several times last night. I lost a bunch of stuff in the process. Thanks Cheryl.

  2. 3 taylorloren

    Hi! I have a massive crush on the graphic. it should be called The Graphic.

  3. 4 Becky MacKenzie

    ❤ The Brian Platt website…but just so everybody knows, it's not official.

    • 5 Brian Platt

      What are you talking about Becky, don’t you know how many albums I’ve released? I’m a big, big rock star. That is DEFINITELY my website.

  4. 6 Yianna Mihalatos

    For a little bit more about “Bri Guy” Platt check out the facebook page:

  5. 7 istarbel

    I think it should be called sweep because i cant really think of something that is actually clever.

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